Tenants’ Rights Legal Practice

Monique Berlanga
Monique BerlangaDirecting Attorney
Nirali Beri
Nirali BeriStaff Attorney
Henrissa Bassey
Henrissa BasseySupervising Attorney
Xavier Johnson
Xavier JohnsonSr. Staff Attorney
Gregory Ching
Gregory ChingStaff Attorney
Alejandra Ramirez
Alejandra RamirezSr. Paralegal
Israel Lepiz
Israel LepizAdvocate
Brenda Orellana
Brenda OrellanaContracts & Grants Manager
David Hall
David HallSupervising Attorney
Reetu Mody
Reetu ModyManaging Attorney
Miguel Zavala
Miguel ZavalaStaff Attorney
Emily Bao
Emily BaoSr. Staff Attorney
M.C. Linthicum
M.C. LinthicumStaff Attorney
Noel Munger
Noel MungerParalegal
Eduardo Colon
Eduardo ColonSr. Outreach Coordinator
Sam Beckett
Sam BeckettSupervising Attorney
Katy Guimond
Katy GuimondSupervising Data and Policy Analyst
Karina Mora
Karina MoraStaff Attorney
Lorena Luna
Lorena LunaHousing Advocate
Paola Hernandez
Paola HernandezHousing Stability Project Manager
Ann Marie Ramos
Ann Marie RamosProgram Manager
Angel Ibarra Nunez
Angel Ibarra NunezPolicy and Compliance Manager

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