Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee

It is said that divorce is never easy, especially when it comes to emotions. And every person suffers in his own way. Of course, in order to cope with feelings, you need to do the work on yourself, but the legal steps necessary to get a termination can be simplified, while putting not so much effort. If the spouses are ready to meet each other halfway, they are qualified for an uncontested divorce, which can be obtained relatively simply.

What is an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee?

An uncontested divorce is one of the legal options available for Tennessee couples. It is a simplified dissolution of the marriage when the spouse has nothing to argue in court. Couples with common minor children or without children have the opportunity to get an uncontested divorce. The primary condition is the absence of any disputes related to termination. The requirements of uncontested divorce in Tennessee are:

  • Both spouses want to dissolve the marriage.
  • The resolution of any disputes regarding the division of custody of common minor children and all related issues, including the child’s residence, medical insurance, etc.
  • Consent to the financial support of a common minor child until he reaches the age of majority.
  • The solution to any controversial issues related to the separation of marital property and debts.
  • Consent regarding alimony.
  • Resolution of any dispute related to divorce.

When a couple agrees with all aspects of termination, they must sign the Marital Dissolution Agreement, or it’s also known as the Settlement Agreement. It is a document that contains all the compromise decisions of the spouses regarding any controversial issues of divorce. Thanks to this document, spouses do not need to participate in court sessions and fight for their interests. The judge will grant a divorce based on the provisions that the spouses have described in their Agreement. If the husband and wife cannot find a compromise in at least one question, then the divorce will be contested, and the judge will resolve everything that the spouses could not handle.

What are the Grounds for an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee?

The reasons why spouses want to dissolve a marriage should be no-fault. It means that the husband and wife do not blame each other that the marriage is broken. “Irreconcilable differences” belongs to no-fault grounds, because of which the spouses can no longer live as a married couple and there is no chance for reconciliation.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee?

An uncontested divorce is much faster than a contested one. While litigation can last for years, an uncontested divorce can be obtained in just 2-3 months. Tennessee law implies that you can get a final decree no sooner than 60 days after filing if the couple does not have children and 90 days after filing if the spouses have common minor children. But depending on the schedule of the judge, the timing may be extended.

How Do I File an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee?

A divorce begins with filing Complaint for Divorce with the court. You may also need to submit additional forms. They vary depending on the county and the circumstances of the marriage, but the general list consists of:

  • Civil Case Cover Sheet,
  • Summons,
  • Final decree,
  • Divorce Certificate,
  • Marital Dissolution Agreement,
  • Financial Declarations.

However, you must ensure that you meet the state residency requirements. Any spouse must be a bona fide resident of Tennessee for at least six months prior to filing.

To file a complaint with the court makes sense in the county where you live. In court, you will need to pay a filing fee of about $ 280.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee Cost?

The price of divorce includes a filing fee and a lawyer’s fee. Keep in mind that when an uncontested divorce takes place, a lawyer does not protect the interests of the spouses in the courtroom and does not participate in litigation, all his work is to prepare the necessary documents for divorce. The cost of an attorney depends mainly on his qualifications and practice and can go up to $ 3000. But on average, such services cost $ 1000-$ 1500 depending on whether the couple has common children or not.

If you want to file without a lawyer, which is also called a Pro Se divorce, you will only need to pay a court fee. But in this case, all the paperwork you need to do yourself.

Another way is Online Divorce, which is an excellent alternative to attorneys. It is a web platform that will help spouses fill out all the necessary forms. On the site, you answer questions about your marriage, based on which the system selects and fills out all required documents. The price of services depends on the company and varies from $ 150 to $ 300.

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